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 Founder iMatch Interviewed By Radio BFM89.9
Dated 14th Feb 2015

iMatch Founder Christine Foo Interviewed By New Tide Magazine In Jan 2013
iMatch Christine Foo Interviewed By NST Paper Dated March 2nd 2014

 iMatch Christine Foo Interviewed By NST Paper Dated March 2nd 2014

          iMatch Christine Foo Interviewed By NST Paper Dated 23rd Nov 2013
iMatch Christine Foo Interviewed By Citta Bella Magazine in Feb 2014
On Singles' Dating Perspective  

  iMatch Christine Foo Interviewed By The Star Paper Dated 15th Feb 2013  

Matchmaker Christine Foo taps into
technology to make ideal matches. 
Published in NST on 14 Feb 2011
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Chay and Yew found each other
       Published in NST on 14 Feb 2011
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Interview of Our Founder, Christine Foo At BFM on 24 June 2009

 About match making services offered by imatch & how the matchmaking industry is getting more popular among the younger generation that are too busy to go for dating or match making on their own due to career chase, lack of experience & time constraint.
A Dating Service for busy professionals...
It doesn't matter whether you are looking for
- a Singles' Event,
- Friendship
- Life Partner
- Partner for your Friends or Children
- Or just wanted to Enquire

Because we understand how hectic your schedules can be, we ensure that we do all the work for you. We will tell you about your matchmaking opportunities, and coordinate your schedules and make your reservations for a match or dating appointment. With one phone call and a confidential face-to-face matchmaking interview in our office, you're on your way to a fun, exciting and productive way to meet quality matches. It's the intelligent way to conduct dating in this fast moving world - after all, it's FUN, it's EASY and it's DIGNIFIED.

Christine foo Interviewed By NST In 2009 On Her
      Entrepreneurship In Setting Up iMatch 


iMatch Dating & MatchMaking Agency is Your Choice For Individual & Personal Match Making Services.Match Making Services is A Comprehensive One-To-One MatchMaking service that is based on a USA technology Match Making Program that is simple and are able to match partners for friendship or marriage is better results.

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